Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ethan Fixell 12:59
if i dont meet a new girl soon im going to kill myself

DC 1:00
you have to leave your apt to meet girls. and not be dressed up in cardboard and tinfoil.

Ethan Fixell 1:00
im learning that
honestly though
how awesome were those costumes
we made everyone so uncomfortable
it was so awkward
they were so bulky and huge

Saturday, October 29, 2005



but for the first time in a long time she bowed her head to pray.
she said "i'm sorry for the way i've been living my life. i know i've got to change."
so from now on, tonight: jesus take the wheel.
take it from my hands.
cuz i cant do this on my own.
ho, i'm letting go.
so give me one more chance.
save me from this road i'm on. oooohhh jesus take the wheel.
ho, i'm letting go.
so give me one more chance.
save me from this road i'm on. from this road i'm on.
jesus, take the wheel. oh take it. take it from me. ooooo aaaaaaaa ooooooo.

or. from tom jone- i mean bob ice (feat. santana):

hey well im a friendly stranger in the black sedan, wont you hop inside my car?
i got pictures, got candy, am a lovable man, and i can take you to the nearest star. (or the bricked off room in my basement)
im your vehicle baby, ill take you anywhere you wanna go. (as long as it's that room)
im your vehicle woman, but now im sure you know. (that you're life is over and that you're about to be brutalized)
i love you, need you, got to have you, child.
thank god in heaven. (for sending this stupid, sexy child to me)
you know i love you. ("love," "want to rape," what's the real difference?)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


i generally think jeff jarvis is annoying. which was why it came as such a surpise to find something written by him that (well, i'll be honest - i didn't read the whole thing. not even most of it.) illustrates the exact thing i wanted to say so clearly. it's all in the first section, about where value, these days, really lies. it's the truth - or at least that first part is truth, and why bother retyping in my own words? right now at least....


i hate cablevision.

this man is pretty smart.

this is a good idea.

this is potentially extremely interesting.


is there a better way to spend one's time? possibly. but doing something else would mean that i had a life.

everyone needs to go here. at least it seems like it. (review)


Monday, October 10, 2005


some interesting ads. should they be in the MOMA? i'm not so sure....

some other disgusting things. like kate bosworth.

tv over cellphones

seems like ol' Althea and her survey last night weren't too far off. i was called to answer a half hour survey about my digital cable and all that. one of the questions happened to be "on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most interested, how interested are you in receiving "cable" broadcasts on your cellphone?"

asians do it better.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

pretty flowers.

GorillaMask has some old ambiguously gay duo videos on there. everyone wishes they could ride in the penis-mobile. everyone. though he seems to be a little fixated on the fact that steven colbert and steve carrell are the voices. does it really matter? i think someone else is ambiguously gay....

Thighs has nothing particularly interesting today, save for a link to an explanation for scratch-n-sniff. sadly there's still no explanation for why he writes the way he does.

Cityrag has some sad stuff about animals and The Hurricane. boooorrrrrING.

Gothamist has....i don't know. something about a chair. i saw the picture and moved on. sometimes i just dont care enough.

enough for now. maybe, if you're lucky, i'll read more garbage tomorrow.

Saturday, October 01, 2005