Thursday, January 19, 2006


seriously, who the fuck cares about jenna elfman? anyone? is there a single person who gives a squirted taco shit about her? i cannot believe that there is someone who does.

and why is she being jammed down our throats on TV as if we've missed her all this time?

oh, wait...right, now i remember. dharma and greg! i cant believe i forgot... that really was a good show.

for assholes.

fuck her. and that stupid dance she does in that commercial. good idea guys. make her dance like a retard, that'll get viewers!


Blogger JoeyRamon said...

um, i care. i am really, REALLY into jenna elf-man. mostly because she is an elf, but a lot because she is a man.

dude, seriously. who the FUCK reads this other than you and me? stop pretending to write to some imaginary audience and start addressing me directly.

5:28 PM  

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