Tuesday, January 31, 2006


among the things i hate, state of the union addresses rank pretty high up there. mostly, i hate how those idiot senators interrupt all the time to clap. and stand up and clap. and shout. like animals. braying. but they keep standing and interrupting and making this speech take far longer than it should be.

i think they just cut to a sentator saying "yay."

i just rewound it. they did. i think she was also holding a whopper. with cheese. and bacon.

why do they all clap? why do the producers in the trucks cut to shots of the crowd clapping? is that like how oreilly puts his talking points graphic next to his head when he talks, only far dumber? so that in case we're morons and didnt understand his spoken words we could hopefully understand his written words - only this way, its for those who dont understand, but it's really only important for them to know that the president said something that some other people thought was good?

i dont know. this is retarded. why do they cut into american idol for this? it's just going to be reposted, word for word, all over the internet (and found looping on cspan) immediately after. why bother us? it's not urgent in any sense of that word. it's not immediate. necessarily immediate. certainly not immediate enough to cut into my television. i got home and wondered why my dvr was off. now i know why. my show ended. prematurely. i would like to end prematurely all over these annoying senators. especially the ones with red and/or blue ties.

i am wasting more time on this tha---wait, there are children there? christ. i hope they get made fun of to no end tomorrow. those children. they must be SO annoying in school. i want to punch them myself. well, her. there was only one little girl. i hate her. and this pink senator with a---hmmm, maybe that was laura bush. i dont know. and now i have bored myself far more than i deserved to...


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