Wednesday, September 13, 2006


lonelygirl15. i hate her. seriously hate her. i cannot believe that the times gave her the front page of the business section today. and that forbes just wrote an article about her.

have you ever seen one of those videos? they are AWFUL. terrible. seriously stupid and bad. and fully not interesting. and it gets me annoyed when i see, on my google sidebar, a little popup that tells me about the forbes article. jesus christ. it's embarassing i think, for forbes and the times. it's fine for stupid internet writers to complain about lonelygirl15 (wow. surprise. it's fake. jesus. who knew?) - it's an entirely different thing for major publications to care about this. so what if millions of people on youtube watched those videos. they're idiots. and NOT THE PEOPLE THAT READ THE TIMES OR FORBES. i mean, at all. are those publications serious? ugh.

i have a crappy job and too much free time. i can talk about whatever i want. but please, is there nothing else the times business section could cover? nothing? lonelygirl15 and the fact that it was just admitted that it's fake warrants a front page article?

this is why no one cares about those newspapers and magazines anymore.


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